PA6 unfilled and PA66 GF25%, Black colour

Item #: PA6UnfAnd230126-dcad

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Metric ton
22 USD 1210

Black Nylon Regrinds are available for February shipment.

PA6 and PA66 Post-industrial regrinds

12 Tonnes of unfilled PA6- Source material Badamid B70 Black. Polyamide 6 Medium viscosity, grade for injection moulding.

10 Tonnes of PA66 GF 30%- Sourc material Badamid A70 GF30. Polyamide 6.6 injection moulding standard grade with 30% of glass fibre reinforcement.
The materials do not contain FR.

Packaging: Packaged separately in LPDE big bags.
Loading weight: 22 tonnes.

Prices are CFR approximate. For firm price to your port, please contact us.

New Arrival: No