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There are a number of topics on this page which will help answer any questions you have regarding RecycleBlu, the Marketplace, memberships and Verification.

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Verification Process

Why do I need to get verified?

RecycleBlu is known as a trusted platform, we have built up a reputation by making sure we have rigorous verification process in place. This means we minimise the chances of fraud, disputes and bogus companies.

When doing business online, knowing you’re dealing with a credible company is of utmost importance. Therefore every participating company or sole trader on our network will first go through a verification process in which business details are authenticated by both independent third party authorities (MangoPay) to determine eligibility to be included in our global marketplace.

Trade with confidence!

When trading the RecycleBlu platform, you can trade with confidence, knowing you will get paid when your materials have been delivered. As with many trading platforms these days, when you purchase or sell a material, the currency will be placed into an escrow account handled by third party payment providers. This ensures that if there is every a dispute it is handled properly and securely.

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How it Works

What is RecycleBlu?

RecycleBlu is specifically developed and tailored for the waste and recycling materials market. It offers multiple tools to manage a companys waste inventories and sales processes. It takes cognisance of the sectors needs and characteristics.

RecycleBlu is what is commonly know as SaaS or Software as a Service, a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software".

Marketplace: Advertise and sell in the RecycleBlu Marketplace. Advertising or adding materials to marketplace is free with commission payable to RecycleBlu if a match between buyer and seller occurs and a purchase takes place.

My Store: Create your own dedicated e-commerce online shop. Users can with minimum effort build their own online shop to showcase their products.

Proposals: Members can benefit from the “Prepare Proposal” functionality. This allows sellers to quickly prepare proposals at the click of a button and with minimal additional input.

Trust: RecycleBlu provides, through its payments partner MangoPay, an escrow payment process which means that the funds are held in escrow until both parties are satisfied that the transaction steps were followed.

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Sign Up Process

What is the sign up process?

Joining RecycleBlu is straightforward, and more importantly, its FREE. Just go to the sign up page here and fill in your details.

Once you have entered in your details, you will need to choose if you are a company, or a sole trader. This is important, as the financial verification details will have to correspond to you business, or sole trader.

The next part of the process is to enter your address, this will relate to your trading address. You can always add another address at a later date.

When you have completed your address details, you will be asked to tick the type of waste materials you are interested in. This is really important because if you tick a metal material, then as soon as a new metal listing is placed on to the RecycleBlu site, you will receive an alert.

In order to start buying and selling, you need to become verified. The reason for verification is that at Recycleblu we provide a trusted and secure transaction system provided by MangoPay. This means you will be required to upload identification documents to the payment provider before receiving and sending payments.

Want to make your recycle Store look like your company? Lets get cracking. You can upload your logo, banner image and company description ready for when you start adding your materials. You can also promote this as your microsite, and post the link in emails or on your social media so you start getting offers.

Now its time to start adding your materials into the RecycleBlu marketplace and begin Making Waste a Resource!

Start trading!

Now you can start to use the various features of the platform. You can advertise in the marketplace, send proposal, share item, add materials to your shop and so on.

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How much does it cost to sell on RecycleBlu?

RecycleBlu does not charge any membership fees, or material posting costs. Its free to use RecycleBlu, up to the point of sale. RecycleBlu charges a commission to process the sale and transaction, calculated at 3% of the total sale price.

For further information on fees and payment processes, please read our terms and conditions.

If you need further help or information, please use our contact page.

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